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The fact that you have now threatened me twice in the past twelve hours . . .

makes me want to stay more.

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Name:Emma Swan
Birthdate:Oct 23, 1983
Location:Storybrooke, Maine, United States of America
❝Emma Swan❞

Birthday: August 15, 1983
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120lbs
Build: athletic
Hair: blonde
Eyes: hazel
Tattoos: flower inside left wrist

Personality: Emma is a very strong and independent woman. She's a loner, too worried about rejection. She can be stubborn and blunt. She doesn't beat around the bush and doesn't like to be toyed with. She genuinely cares about the welfare of others and enjoys looking out for them. She can be flirty and when she allows herself, she can be vulnerable. She yearns to love and to be loved. She's very confident and doesn't seem to embarrass easily.

She also has a sixth sense where she can tell when someone is lying to her. If there's some reason Emma shouldn't be able to tell if your character is lying, please let me know.

Emma Swan was born in Fairytale Land to Snow White and Prince Charming. She was sent away in a magical wardrobe on the advice of Rumpelstiltskin, who told them their daughter, Emma, was the only one who could break the curse when she returned to them on her twenty-eighth birthday. Emma was found in the forest by a boy, later revealed to be Pinocchio, and sent to foster care. She remained while he escaped and she bounced from family to family, running away at sixteen and then giving birth in prison when she was eighteen to a son that she gave up for adoption. She later became a bail bond agent who celebrated her twenty-eighth birthday alone.

Wishing she wasn't alone, she was reunited with Henry Mills, the son she gave up ten years prior. Not wanting to get to know him, Emma drove him back to Storybrooke, Maine. Along the way, he told her about his book of fairy tales and how everyone in Storybrooke is a fairytale character. He then went on to tell her she was the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and that she was the only one who could break the curse. Emma didn't believe him and returned him to Regina Mills, his mother, but when Emma tried to leave town, the curse wouldn't let her. She decided to stay a few days but then moved to Storybrooke when Regina raised her suspicions. She shared an apartment with Mary Margaret/Snow White and took the job as sheriff's deputy and eventually the job of sheriff. Her refusal to believe in the curse made her "blind" to things from Fairytale Land. When Henry got sick, she was forced to do everything she could to save her son but Henry eventually died. Emma cried, kissing his forehead and telling him she loved him. After a flash of light, he awakened and returned her words. Emma had broken the curse with True Love's kiss.

Misc. Info:

Emma is from the TV show Once Upon a Time and played by Jennifer Morrison. I don't own either of them. I'm not making any money from this, just having some fun.

You can also catch Emma on Livejournal under [ profile] wants_to_stay.



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